Description/ Specification of Automatic Rapid Solvent Extraction System
Controlling up to 6 units
For many years, Gerhardt has been a successful manufacturer of the automated rapid Soxhlet systems Soxtherm. Thanks to the close relationship with our customers and partners worldwide, this highly successful instrument has been improved further.

Depending on the size of the laboratory and the sample throughput, the customer now has the option of a 2, 4, or 6 place system. The controller, Multistat, can control and monitor up to 4 units individually. The savings in costs and space are tremendous. The fully automated process ensures highest precision for minimum input.

Gerhardt has been offering fully automatic systems under the brand name Soxtherm. The solid-liquid extraction according to Soxhlet and Twisselmann can be done much more efficiently by using these systems. Thus, the Soxtherm simplifies and accelerates the traditional Soxhlet method in key areas. The extraction has up to five programmable stages. The patented process is fully automatic and is especially useful for the determination of fat and for residue analysis.

Convincing arguments
3 units available giving the widest range of options for all laboratories
Solvent recovery reduces running costs
Water and compressed air control give unattended operation and saves water making the system environmentally friendly
Fast and accurate giving an increased sample throughput compared to the traditional Soxhlet
Sample Availability : Yes
Supplier Product Code : Gerhardt - Soxtherm
Main Markets/Key Customers : Agriculture Universities & Oil Industries + Feed and Food industries etc...
Delivery Terms : Against Payment
Delivery Lead Times : 3-4 Weeks
Payment Terms : 100 % advance
Min Quantity : 1
Quality Process Certifications : ISO & CE Certified
Programmable distillation systems with titration


These VAPODEST models offer a state-of-the-art technology with modern microprocessor control. All distillation systems are especially good in handling distillations of Kjeldahl digestion solutions as well as physical seperation methods of water steam soluble substances and volatile acids.

Versatile applications

VAPODEST watersteam rapid distillation systems are used worldwide, e.g. for the determination of nitrate, nitrite, ammonium, Kjeldahl digestion solutions, volatile acids, sulphur dioxide, ethanol, formaldehyde, phenols as well as other compounds. The fields of application can be found in various matrices, e.g. in:

-  Food
-  Feed
-  Luxury food (beer, wine, liqueur, spirits)
-  Cosmetics
-  Detergents
-  Environmental samples (plants, water, soils, sewage sludge)
-  Rotten material from biogas plants and many more

Block digestion systems KJELDATHERM

The compact KJELDATHERM block digestion systems allow for simultaneous multiple digestions. A precise temperature control permits the conditions for the digestions to be optimized thus providing reproducible results. The temperature control is provided by an external controller, which is included in the standard configuration.


Digestion of any kind of sample for nitrogen determination according to Kjeldahl. Especially good for food and feed analysis with nitrogen contents in both: the micro and macro range.

Available models

The comprehensive product range of Kjeldahl models includes digestion systems for Kjeldahl digestions in 75 ml, 100 ml, 250 ml, and 400 ml tubes.

-  KJELDATHERM automatic

All automatic block digestion systems come complete with a temperature/time controller TZ. It ensures a fully automated digestion process, including lifting and lowering of insert rack and exhaust manifold.


All basic block digestion systems come complete with temperature controller TR. Lifting and lowering of the insert rack and exhaust manifold is done by hand.
Basic digestion block systems can be upgraded with a temperature-time-controller TZ (not part of the standard configuration) to enable the operator to define and store up to 9 different programs.

Software for rapid extraction systems


SOXTHERM-Manager is a powerful, multitasking software, which meets all the demands of a modern laboratory management.
The installation on every common PC or Laptop under Microsoft Windows 98, 2000 or XP is easy and fast.
In addition to the functions of the MULTISTAT controlling unit, multiple documentation and logging options, like e.g. the sample name, program and recognition of the user are offered as well.

The functions

-  Control of up to four SOXTHERM units (up to 24 simultaneous extractions), each unit with individual programming
-  Monitoring of the SOXTHERM units
-  Programming and storage of the extraction programs
-  Logging and documentation of all relevant data
-  Diagnosis function for an ideal extraction process
-  Concise arrangement of all relevant status displays in separate windows facilitates the best possible supervision

Everything under Control

-  Clearly structured program windows
-  Start immediately
-  Individual settings
-  Program library
-  Documentation

Rapid nitrogen determination according to Dumas

This combustion method has already been developed at 1848 by Dumas. In the Dumas method, a sample is burned in an oxygen rich atmosphere at high temperatures and the resulting gases are analyzed. Now, C. Gerhardt, being the market leader for the Kjeldahl analysis, can also offer a highly efficient instrument with the DUMATHERM. By using the Dumas method, this new technique offers a fast and comfortable alternative to the classic systems.

Order No. 7700
Model DT

Sample Sizes : 0.5 mg - 1 g depending on the type of sample
Sample capacity : autosampler with 40, 80, or 120 positions
Duration of analysis : 2-4 minutes depending on the sample type and sample size
Percentage recovery : >99,5 %
Detection limit : <0,01 mg N
Standard deviation : <0,5 %
Operation : via PC using the control software Dumatherm-Manager:
- Statistics and diagnosis function
- Individual and serial print outs of the results
- Extensive possibilities for documentation
Temperature combustion furnace : 400 - 1100 °C
Temperature reduction furnace : 400 - 1100 °C
Temperature desorption furnace : 50 - 350 °C
Required gases and quality : - Helium quality grade 5.0 (99.999 %)
- Oxygen quality grade 5.0 (99.999 %)
- Compressed air or nitrogen (99.6 %, free of oil / water)
Inlet pressure helium : 3 - 6 bar
Inlet pressure oxygen : 3 - 6 bar
Inlet press. compr. air or nitrogen    : 4 bar
Ambient temperature : 15 °C < t < 35 °C
Nominal voltage : 230 V AC, 50 / 60 Hz
Dimensions (W x D x H) : 800 x 370 x 500 mm / 625 mm with autosampler
Weight : 65 kg
Nominal wattage : max. 6 Ampere
Digital balance : optional


SOXTHERM rapid extraction; Traditional extraction; SOXTHERM-Manager PC software



Basic distillation system; Programmable distillation systems, Programmable distillation systems with Titration; Traditional distillation; Autosampler



Infrared digestion systems; Block digestion systems; trace metal determination; Cyanid determination; Traditional digestion systems; chemical oxygen determination; Scrubber






DUMATHERM - Rapid nitrogen determination acc. to Dumas


Fibre analysis

Fibre-Bag Systems - A new technology for the ADF-, NDF- and Crude Fibre determination

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