HC(2)/TC(2) Columns

Agilent HC-C18(2) and TC-C18(2) columns can be used for method development of acidic, basic and neutral analytes. The TC-C18(2) column has a 12% carbon load, optimized for retention of more polar analytes for use with gradient methods that start at very low aqueous down to 5% aqueous - with excellent results. Typical samples include complex natural products and traditional medicines. Other typical applications would include those with samples dissolved or prepared in water, such as the analysis of additives or sweeteners in beverages. The TC-C18(2) column is shipped with the new Agilent 1120 Compact LC.

The HC-C18(2) column has a higher carbon load 17% - and can be more retentive for moderately polar and non-polar analytes. This column would be a better choice for method development or routine applications where the sample is dissolved or prepared in organic solvents.

Data sheets for these columns are available in English, Chinese and Japanese.
Agilent HC-C18(2) and TC-C18(2) Columns (PDF)
Agilent HC-C18(2) and TC-C18(2) High Performance Reliance Cartridge Guard-Columns (PDF)
 Column Specifications
 Bonded Phase  Pore Size  Surface Area  Particle Size  Temp. Limits  pH Range  End capped  Carbon Load
 Agilent HC-C18 (2)  170  290 m2/g  5 µm  60°C  2.0 - 9.0   Yes  17%
 Agilent TC-C18 (2)  170  290 m2/g  5 µm  60°C  2.0 - 8.0  Yes  12%
 Ordering Guide
 Description  Size (mm)  Particle Size  Part Number
 Agilent HC-C18 (2)  4.6 x 250  5 µm  588905-902
 Agilent HC-C18 (2)  4.6 x 150   5 µm  588915-902
 Agilent TC-C18 (2)  4.6 x 250  5 µm  588925-902
 Agilent TC-C18 (2)  4.6 x 150  5 µm  588935-902
 Agilent HC-C18(2) guards, 2/pk  4.6 x 12.5  5 µm  520518-904
 Agilent TC-C18(2) guards, 2/pk  4.6 x 12.5  5 µm  520518-905
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