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PLOT columns are ideal for separating compounds that are gases at room temperatures. Agilent Technologies offers a comprehensive line of PLOT columns for analysis of fixed gases, low molecular weight hydrocarbon isomers, volatile polar compounds and reactive analytes such as sulfur gases, amines and hydrides. Our PLOT phases are offered in dimensions from 0.25 to 0.53 mm id, allowing for easy column selection for various detector and system requirements. For GC/MS systems, we offer several small diameter columns with truly bonded and immobilized stationary phases, eliminating potential detector fouling due to particle generation.
 Column  Stationary Phase  Typical Applications
 HP-PLOT  Molesieve  5ŏ molecular sieve  zeolite  Permanent and noble gases. Thick and thin films available. Thick film column will resolve  argon and  oxygen at 35ºC.
 HP-PLOT  Al2O3  KCl    Aluminum oxide deactivated  with KCl  Least polar Al2O3 phase. Lowest retention of olefins relative to comparable paraffin. C1 to  C8 hydrocarbon isomers. Column of choice for accurate quantitation of dienes, especially  propadiene and butadiene from ethylene and propylene streams.
 Al2O3  S
 Aluminum oxide deactivated  with sodium sulfate  Excellent general use Al2O3 column. C1 to C8 hydrocarbon isomers. Best for resolving  acetylene from butane and propylene from isobutane.
 GS-Alumina  Aluminum oxide deactivated  with sodium sulfate  Most polar of the Al2O3 columns. Highest retention of olefins relative to comparable  paraffin. Excellent general use Al2O3 column. C1 to C8 hydrocarbon isomers. Best for  resolving cyclopropane from propylene. Good stability and recovery from water saturation.
 HP-PLOT Q  Polystyrene-divinylbenzene  C1 to C3 isomers, alkanes to C12, CO2, methane, air/CO, water, oxygenated compounds,  sulfur compounds, solvents.
 HP-PLOT U  Divinylbenzene/ethylene  More polar than HP-PLOT Q and GS-Q. C1 to C7 hydrocarbons, CO2, methane, air/CO,  water, glycol dimethacrylate oxygenates, amines, solvents, alcohols, ketones, aldehydes.
 GS-GasPro  Proprietary, bonded silica-based  C1 to C12 hydrocarbons, CO2, trace-level sulfurs, hydride gases, inorganic gases,  halocarbons, SF6, oxygen/nitrogen separation at 80ºC.
 GS- CarbonPLOT  Bonded, monolithic carbon-layer  C1 to C5 hydrocarbons, CO2, air/CO, trace acetylene in ethylene, methane.
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