GC Columns - Ultra Inert
Ultra Inert Capillary Columns
The analysis of active compounds by gas chromatography (GC) continues to be challenging in areas such as pesticide, food, environmental and drug analysis, particularly due to the continuing trend to reduce detection limits, certainly into the low nanogram range. One of the main obstacles to increasing sensitivity in the past was column bleed. Low column bleed reduces detector noise and increases signal-to-noise, improving detection limits. GC column manufacturing techniques have now improved to a point where control of the noise generated through column, liner or septum bleed over defined temperature ranges is routine. With bleed profiles reduced manageable levels the next frontier in GC column design is to decrease surface activity and in so doing deliver more analyte to sensitive detectors.

Control of the interaction of active analytes with the GC flow path is now the challenge. When an active analyte is introduced, it must travel a flow path through the injector and the column to the detector. Active sites in the flow path can selectivity latch onto active analytes, degrading peak shapes, or worse adsorb trace analytes completely. Targeting column, liner and detector inertness improvements through better surface deactivation strategies is critical to improving analytical performance for these active analytes. Flow path inertness is the next frontier in achieving better quantification of active analytes, lower detection limits and full realization of the potential of advanced GC and GC-mass spectrometry (GC/MS) instruments like multi-dimensional GC, GC-time-of-flight (GC-TOF) and GC-triple quadrupole mass spectrometry (GC-QQQ).

The Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC column family pushes the industry standards for consistent column inertness and exceptionally low column bleed, resulting in lower detection limits and more accurate data for difficult analytes. Agilent J&W Ultra Inert GC columns are tested with the most demanding Ultra Inert test probe mixture in the industry, and a performance summary sheet is shipped with each column. So you can perform trace level analysis with the utmost confidence.

Ultra Inert Column Phases Available: DB-1ms UI, HP-1ms UI, DB-5ms UI, HP-5ms UI, DB-35ms UI, DB-624UI and DB-UI8270D
New selectivity choice helps you get the most from your applications for active analytes - such as pseticides and drugs of abuse
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